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All About Hitchin
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Our Hitchin - January 2021

A Better Year Together

I hope you all had a restful Christmas and New Year.
We are continuing with our projects and services to support businesses including our social media campaigns, cardboard recycling, ranger support, Hitchin Basket, and many other aspects of our business plan.
Although we are all under tight restrictions at the moment, we are busy putting plans in place to ensure our town is vibrant, clean, safe, well promoted and ready to welcome visitors back as soon as restrictions start to lift.
We have cautiously set dates for the 2021 events, started work on the tourism strategy and are putting various promotional plans in place to give Hitchin the best possible boost this year.
If you have any comment or suggestions on additional ways the BID can further support
businesses during this time or after the restrictions have lifted, please do get in touch by emailing
- Tom Hardy, Town Centre Manager
New To Town


The Law Firm Group based in Hermitage Road,offer reliable, expert advice in areas such as property, family law, wills and probate, workplace law and litigation. The company is founded on the principles of outstanding legal expertise and the treatment of their
clients as human beings. They pride themselves on getting to know their clients well and look to forge long-standing relationships.

Phone Tech are a mobile phone shop located onBancroft, offering repairs, unlocking, buy, sell & exchange, accessories, and games.

Hitchin Osteopathy in Bridge Street offer Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Their aim is to make your experience friendly and enjoyable while maintaining a high level of clinical care and professionalism.

N8 Health are a family Chiropractic practice owned and run by husband and wife team, Paul and Charlotte McCrossin based in Brand Street.
N8 is a play on words as Chiropractic is about creating the right conditions for the body to use it’s innate or inborn potential to heal and restore itself. Their mission is to educate and empower the community towards living a healthier lifestyle; believing that everyone deserves to live their best life and are they are committed to helping you on your journey to achieve your version of optimal health.

Opening Soon

The Pear Tree, Hitchin’s new play café, will be open in Queen Street within the next few weeks.
Children can play leaving adults free to relax and socialise while enjoying freshly made meals, cakes and hot drinks.

Cloud Nine Baby, is a baby and nursery retailer located on Bancroft. They will provide a personalised shopping service for parents-to- be and new parents, baby gift lists and baby showers, with online shopping providing UK wide delivery.
Discounted PPE

We have purchased a range of PPE and Covid-19 equipment in bulk for Hitchin Town Centre businesses.
All products are being sold at cost or at subsidised prices to ensure you are not overpaying for this. We also have various posters free of charge to display in your window.
Although the Information Centre is closed to the public, we are still open 6 days a week for businesses to collect this equipment.
Please contact

Social Media Campaigns

We are working hard to promote as many businesses as possible during this time.
Our social media campaigns are focusing on promoting products, services and eateries and how local residents can support businesses by online sales, click and collect, takeaways and deliveries.
Although we will be out in the town taking pictures and collating information online, please also send us as much information as possible along with pictures to

Cardboard and Coffee

Collections are continuing as normal in the town and as BID levy paying businesses you are entitled to have your cardboard and used coffee grounds collected for free.
Collections take place Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm. If you would like to sign up to this service or need to amend your collections please contact Tim Farr on 07595 414578

Town Centre Rangers

The Rangers are working hard in the town centre 6 days a week dealing with a wide range of jobs to ensure the town is a clean and safe environment for visitors and businesses.
At the moment their focus is ensuring businesses are supported through this time and they have been tasked with collating information as part of our social media campaigns. If you need any assistance or would like to know more about these campaigns, please contact
Events and Activities

We have cautiously set dates for some of the 2021 town centre events.

These are not only aimed at attracting footfall to the town centre but focusing on supporting the local businesses to ensure as many of you benefit from these activities as possible.
As well as events, we are working on as series of promotions, speciality maps, trails and social media campaigns to ensure the town centre is a vibrant place to visit:

1st April - Bancroft Bunny Hunt

29th May - Churchgate and Market Day

1st—31st July - Hitchin Festival

3rd July - Sun Street and Bucklersbury Day

24th July - Hitchin Pride

3rd—26th August - Hitchin Beach

7th August - Hermitage Road Day

4th & 5th September - Hitchin FoodFest

25th September - Bancroft Day

9th October - Arcade Day

15th & 16th October - French Market

28th October - Hermitage Halloween Trail

20th November - Christmas Tree Light Switch On
Town Centre Tourism

At the beginning of 2020 we undertook extensive work on a Hitchin Tourism Strategy which we intend to continue in the coming months.
The work looked at improvements to how potential visitors discover the town, their journey to the town centre, their experience and return visits.
All areas will be looked at and we intend to launch a new tourism plan for spring/summer this year.
For more information on this please contact:
Grafitti and Fly Posting

As part of our ‘Clean Town’ initiative, the Rangers have been taking down flyposting and removing
graffiti across the town centre.
If you see any graffiti or flyposting, please report it to us and we will use our specialist equipment to remove it.
Please contact

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