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All About Hitchin
Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Ghost Walk

Hitchin Town Centre
8.15pm approx
‘Which Hitchin town centre alley is said to be haunted by the spectre of a murderous school teacher? Where could you hear the spirits of the bowling rectors laughing and playing on summer evenings? Which shops and pubs apparently have ghostly cats wandering freely through their rooms and their walls? In which hotel have some guests claimed to have encountered the ghost of a drunken lord and why does he carry a fish?
You’ll be introduced to all of these, and many more, on this 75 minute, one-mile-long atmospheric and nocturnal exploration of Hitchin’s historic town centre in the company of your experienced, entertaining and knowledgeable guides. Children and dogs are welcome, but it is a ghost walk after all, so it might not be suitable for those who are more easily spooked!'
Tickets £10 adults: Children £5 ( under 15 yrs)
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