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Wednesday 15th January 2020

The Bancroft Players: COMMENCING/NINE

QMT Studio, Woodside, Walsworth Road
Commencing/Nine by Jane Shepard and directed by Andy Darley

Running January 15th-18th 2020

These two short plays from Shepard's powerful collection Kick-Ass Plays for Women tell unforgettable stories about women finding ways to connect and support each other in unlikely or impossible circumstances.

In Commencing, a straight woman and a lesbian are bounced together on a blind date. Itís a fast-paced, funny play shot through with moments of quiet tragedy as they pick apart each otherís lives and loves in search of meaning.

Nine sees two women held prisoner, chained by the neck in a cellar, using words as challenges to help each other fight off despair and keep hope alive. Harrowing and sometimes brutal, itís a triumph of the human spirit in the face of the most inhumane circumstances.

(Warning: Strong language)

Tickets available online or by calling 01462 455 166
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