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UPDATED INFORMATION Hitchin Town Centre Businesses 16/2/21
Local Restrictions Support Grants
I have put together a summary of the grants available to you as of today.  Please CLICK HERE to view.
If you need any more information on these please get in touch with me improvements
In the coming weeks, the website will undergo major improvements. You will not only be able to search for products and services in the town centre but also buy them. Businesses e-commerce sites will be linked to their profiles making it easier for visits to buy and support the local traders. This link will mean that the public can choose a product to buy and then be automatically directed to your website to complete the sale. In order to make this improvement we need you to answer 4 simple questions.

Do you have a website address?
If so, can you take orders/reservations via this website?
Can you take payment via this website?
Do you know if you have Google shopping?
Do you know what platform you use to sign in i.e. GoDaddy, WordPress, Wix?

Please send your answers to  
Reopening the town centre
Although there is uncertainty around when and how you can reopen your doors to the public, we have been using this time to plan and prepare a robust reopening plan. Lots of projects are well underway and follow the 4 main reopening objectives.
Reminding the public of what Hitchin Town Centre has to offer.
Reassuring the public of the shop safe measure in place.
Encouraging the public back to the town centre.
Promoting Hitchin Town Centre as whole and its eclectic mix of businesses.
To meet these objects, we have come up with a list of specific projects and activities with the highest impact in the most cost-effective way. Combining online promotions, printed media and eye-catching posters, banners, videos, and publications. The Hitchin BID team are busy working on the following projects.

Hitchin Town Centre Promotional Video
Hitchin Town Centre Newspaper to all Hitchin households
Promotional banners and posters
Social Media Campaigns
Town Centre spring cleanup
H-town Business Awards
Town Centre events programme

Social Media
Instagram Story Shares
The rangers will be sharing the Instagram stories of a specific business to the @ourhitchin stories for the day. This will double the exposure of your stories as they will be across two accounts.
Create your Instagram stories as usual and remember to tag @ourhitchin in each one so the rangers can share, the easiest way is to use the mention sticker. The rangers will try and share your tagged stories as soon you tag @ourhitchin but this cannot be guaranteed. Story sharing will cease at 5pm on the day.

If this is something that you would like to be involved in, please get in touch with for more information. Each business who gets in touch will get one Instagram story share day.  
Mother’s Day Instagram Promotion
If anyone has any Mother’s Day related products, they wish for the rangers to promote on Instagram, please send a photo and a caption to